Summary of Student Activities

The Eugene District sponsors the activities listed below. See the Calendar for which events will be held during the current school year. On this website you will find the Guidelines for district recitals, a complete Description for the events and entry Forms for each event being held this school year.

Barnes & Noble Play-a-thon
This is a fund-raising event held in cooperation with Barnes & Noble to raise money to help cover the cost of OMTA student events. Students are invited to perform music of their choice in an informal setting.
Beverly Soule Memorial Scholarship
The Beverly Soule Memorial Scholarship is open to high school juniors and seniors who are studying with a member of Eugene District OMTA, whether or not the participant plans to continue music studies after graduation. The winner is presented with a cash award and invited to perform for a district meeting.
Eugene OMTA District Recital
Traditional afternoon recitals featuring a variety of music performed in a warm and relaxed setting. These recitals are open to students Syllabus Level 2 and above and offer an opportunity to gain valuable performance experience beyond the studio recital, without the pressure of competition or adjudication. Choice of repertoire, preparation, and quality of performance should be equivalent to that of other OMTA events.
Contemporary Music Festival
This festival encourages students to explore the music repertoire of the twentieth and twenty-first century, which includes a vast variety of styles such as impressionism, atonal music, and jazz. It is a non-adjudicated event.
Composition Workshop
Designed to encourage students to compose, this workshop provides an opportunity to receive guidance from experienced teachers of composition. Students of all ages and abilities are encouraged to attend. Not held every year.
Ensemble Festival
The purpose of this festival is to encourage music students to prepare and perform ensemble music, as well as to enjoy hearing other groups perform. Students may choose to participate in competitive or non-competitive recitals. Some of the adjudicated ensembles will be selected to perform in the State Ensemble Recital.
Festival of Popular Music
This is a showcase of non-classical repertoire of the 20th and 21st centuries, performed in an informal setting. Instrumental and vocal soloists, ensembles and combos are encouraged to participate.
OMTA Baroque Festival
This event gives students the opportunity to explore and perform music of Bach and other composers of the Baroque Era. Categories include Piano, Organ, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Voice. Students may take part in competitive or non-competitive recitals. Some of those taking part in adjudication will be selected to perform at regional and state Junior Bach events.
OMTA Composition Celebration
The OMTA Composition Celebration, a statewide event, provides students with a unique opportunity to have their original compositions adjudicated by experienced composers. Students are also invited to perform their works in a recital at the district level, with some selected to perform at the annual State Composition Recital.
OMTA Sonata & Sonatina Festival
The OMTA Sonata & Sonatina Festival is designed to give students of high school age and younger the opportunity to learn and perform beautiful music from various composers, periods and styles. Students will perform before a judge, compete with other students and receive a written critique of their performance. This festival is unique in that all students from each level will perform the same sonata/sonatina, and the whole festival takes place in one day. A public recital is held at the end in which the winners of each level perform and trophies are presented.
Syllabus Evaluations: Fall and Spring
The OMTA Syllabus is a suggested course of study made available to each member to use as a guide in teaching. It covers theory, technique, sight reading and ear training as well as repertoire. Written comments and certificates are provided to students who take part in adjudication, available in fall and spring. Syllabi have been written for piano, organ, voice, strings, woodwinds, guitar and jazz piano.