OMTA Ensemble Festival (District)

Time 1-3 PM
Fee $20 per student. No fee for performing teachers, relatives or friends.
$25 per student for those who go on to State.
Deadline Friday, November 10
Forms OMTA Ensemble Festival Entry Form
Ensemble Festival Master List (District) On the entry form, under the “Instrument” column, please specify which part each performer is playing (Primo or Secondo for 4-hands piano works). In the case of non-keyboard parts, please list the appropriate instrument or vocal description (violin, guitar, soprano, tenor, etc.) For the accuracy of our records, identify all non-student performers on the program information in the following way: “Jones, Sally (mother).”
Type Adjudicated recitals, competitive and non-competitive. Eligible for 1 trophy point.

Competitive Recitals: Read the OMTA State Ensemble Festival Teacher Guidelines for information. Be aware that concertos are not allowed for Competitive Repertoire.

Non-Competitive Recitals: Instrumental and vocal performers of all ages are welcome. At least one performer in each group must study with a current OMTA member. Teachers may perform with their students.

Repertoire from any style or period, transcriptions and original concerto repertoire may be performed. The time limit is 8 minutes per group, however exceptions may be made for advanced students and those performing concerto repertoire.

Two pianos will be available for this event.

All performers, competitive and non-competitive, are required to provide the adjudicator with an original score. See Eugene District Teacher Guidelines and Responsibilities for specific rules on Copies.


The Ensemble Festival is one of our most popular events. Students are given the opportunity to perform with other students in ensembles of two or more. Ensemble types include, but are not limited to, piano duets on one piano, trios, or quartets. Students are welcome to perform with other instrumentalists or vocalists. Ensemble playing adds another element to a student’s musical development. It develops critical listening skills as students learn to adjust to those they are playing with. Students also learn to make musical decisions as a group while they polish their piece of music. These are only a few of the reasons why ensemble playing enhances the joy of making music.

The Ensemble Festival is an adjudicated event, however, students may perform without competing. All students receive certificates and feedback from the adjudicator. Students that choose to compete in this event will have the opportunity to move on to the state recital, if selected.

A maximum of 15 minutes per teacher is allotted for a 45-minute recital.

Memorization Not required.
Chairs Genevieve Mason and Janet Pollack
Mail Forms and Fees To Genevieve Mason at 4815 Center Way Eugene, OR 97405

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