OMTA Composition Celebration (District)

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2022-04-10 All day
United Lutheran Church
Address: 2230 Washington St, Eugene, OR 97405
Time 1 PM
Place United Lutheran Church
Fee See application for fee listings
Deadline March 18, 2022
Forms Composition Celebration Entry Form
Type Recital with written evaluation prior to event. Eligible for 1 trophy point.
Repertoire Original student compositions.
Description The OMTA Composition Celebration is a statewide event providing students a unique
opportunity to perform their original compositions and have them adjudicated by
experienced composers. At the District level, students submit their notated scores
along with the application and entry fee. See the entry form for complete
instructions.This will be a live Zoom event with student option to present a video. There will be
no formal recital video produced.
Adjudication is completed prior to the recital. Composers receive a certificate for
participation. Approximately 35% of students entering will be selected by the
adjudicator to perform at the state Composition Celebration on Zoom on June 5,
2021.Choose one of three options:
1) The student performs in real time over Zoom, as in a live recital. The student is
(optionally) welcome to introduce his/her piece with personal comments, such as
about what inspired it or challenges and breakthroughs in composition. Be creative
and have fun! Please keep it brief (under two minutes) and add the introduction time
to the performance time on the Entry Form.
2) The student records a video of his/her performance. The student or teacher (or
host) will show the video via screen share when it is the student’s turn to play.
3) The student produces a creative multimedia project or MIDI realization of their
composition or as a complement to live performance. Please contact Nick Rieser soon to work out the technical details of presentation.Important! For Option 2 (unless the host is sharing the video), the teacher is
responsible to test the screen share of the video with the student prior to the recital.
For best sound quality, the teacher might need to download the video and do the
screen sharing. A fast internet connection and optimized Zoom audio settings will
enhance the audience’s experience. Be sure you have the latest version of Zoom.
Memorization Encouraged, but not required
Event Co-Chairs Paul Safar (541-868-5725) and Nick Rieser (541-515-4086)
Mail Fees To Paul Safar at 1022 Monroe St., Eugene 97402