Eugene OMTA District Recital

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2021-03-13 All day
Times Recitals scheduled on the hour starting at 1 PM.
Place Online
Fee $10.00 per recital for each OMTA student.
Deadline Forms and Entry Fees (sent to chairperson): Friday, February 26, 2021
Registration Leggiero
Photo/Video Release Form
Type Non-adjudicated recital. Eligible for 1 trophy point.
Repertoire Any style repertoire; solo or ensemble.

Choose one of three options:

1) The student performs in real time over Zoom, as in a live recital. If the student chooses this option, he/she is welcome to introduce the piece (but is not required to do so.)  Personal observations, fun facts about the composer, piece, or style, or artwork that relates to the music being played are all encouraged. Be creative and have fun. Please keep this introduction brief (no longer than 2 minutes.) Add the time to the performance time when registering through Leggiero.

2)  The student records a video of his/her performance. The student or teacher will show the video via screen share when it is the student’s turn to play on the program (rather than have OMTA produce a video of the entire recital to be viewed on Youtube.)

3) The student produces a creative video project to complement his/her performance. The student pre-records the piece as in Option 2 and superimposes a video that contains images he/she feels represent the piece. The video will be screen shared as in Option 2.

Important! For Options 2 and 3, teachers are responsible for testing the screen share of the video with the student prior to the recital. In order to ensure the best sound quality, it may work best for the teacher to screen share the videos for his/her students. Strong internet connectivity and optimization of the audio settings in Zoom will enhance the audience experience. Be sure your Zoom account is updated to the latest version.

It is our hope that the Eugene OMTA District Recitals will provide an opportunity for creativity and variety in our events this year.

Memorization Encouraged but not required.
Chair Ellen McQuilkin
Mail Fees To 4895 Donald St. Eugene, OR 97405