David Cragun

Piano and Voice Studio

Meet David

I am a piano and voice teacher in the Coburg Road / Delta Hwy area. I started teaching piano at age 14 because teaching music was my greatest love.

After high school I studied piano for two years at Brigham Young University as a Music Major. Then I changed my emphasis and finished my bachelor of music degree as a voice major.

During my time at the university I also completed many classes in Elementary Music Education where I came to realize that teaching music is one of my callings in life.

My Strategies

The first goal is to keep students excited long enough to develop their own motivation for playing and singing. The second goal is to help them become comfortable manipulating each of the five elements of music: Pitch, Duration, Timbre, Dynamics, and Form. We accomplish these goals by dancing, singing, listening, playing, improvising and composing. The music we make is exciting and challenging right from the start because this allows the students to take ownership and feel that they can create beauty themselves.

Parents often seek me out when their children have become frustrated or unmotivated because they hear that I ignite the imagination and give students freedom to explore.

Our Studio

Each week, every student has one private lesson, and each month, one group lesson or an informal recital. Our studio also participates in some formal performance opportunities through OMTA and the community. Throughout the year we focus on several different projects, one of which is a book of compositions, written and published by our students and myself.

Whatever we are doing, we are having fun! Come and see for yourself.