Patricia Morse



Patricia has over 40 years experience teaching piano, with students ranging from 2 to 82. She teaches a variety of methods and styles, including traditional, suzuki, and her own Piano Fun for the Young method. Styles and focus can include classical, jazz, rock, popular, improvisation, and composition. Her students have opportunities to participate in private, district, state and national adjudications, competitions, and recitals. She is very experienced working with students across varying learning styles and behavioral focus.


Pat facilitates music learning for all ages, mastering the playing of the piano, and integrating whole body awareness, thereby reducing the physical problems associated with playing the piano. She incorporates the basics of yoga, pilates, and kinesiology into each lesson, and creates a playful, warm atmosphere to support music learning.


Music Teachers National Association (includes Oregon Music Teachers Association and Eugene Music Teachers Association)

International Associated Chamber Music Players

American College of Musicians – Professional Certification

International Piano Guild – National Honor Roll

National Piano Judge for student adjudication

Presenter at International and National music workshops and conventions


Graduate of University of Oregon with undergraduate degree in Early childhood psychology with emphasis on music and movement therapy Additional education in International music workshops Participant in National and State conventions


1) All students need to have a well-tuned piano or clavinova for practice. Other helpful items are a metronome, a light over the instrument, a bag or other container to keep music in, a notebook, and the required music and access to recordings or performances of their repertoire.

2) As difficult as it can be with everyone’s schedule, all students need to practice. Not only are we training muscles as in any sport or athletic exercise, we are also combining that with fine brain activity. Without practice this is not possible. I have many wonderful games and ideas to help make practicing a livable experience.

3) Make-ups are only scheduled for illness or extreme family emergency. If there are weekly conflicts due to school or other outside activities, I would encourage trading times with other students. If I have an open spot I will try to accommodate a switch, but I hold these times mostly available in case or make-ups. There are no credits or free lessons given for any reason.

4) Tuition is based on a flat monthly rate, throughout the public school year. Summer tuition is pre-paid in June for only the lessons that the student signs up for. June tuition also includes an additional summer lesson. All students involved in Fall adjudication programs must take a minimum of 6 lessons over the summer.

5) A flat tuition rate allows me to cover all the additional expenses incurred in the running of a successful music studio. Not only does your tuition cover the time spent on the piano bench, it also covers group lessons, the fees I must pay so students can participate in Guild and Syllabus, and the time spent on and during syllabus, guild, recitals and the programs that accompany them.


“Pat has a deep reservoir of skills, knowledge, and personal qualities that combine to make her an exceptional teacher for students of all ages, abilities, and personalities. She has impressive knowledge of music theory, piano repertoire and technique, and pedagogy. This knowledge is colored by her vast experience and knowledge of child development and psychology. Pat brings all of this to her teaching with incredible patience, professionalism, and a wonderful sense of humor and contagious joy of music making.” -Dr. Anne Simons

“Patricia Morse has been teaching piano for over 40 years. Her students have won many piano honors and competitions. As a judge, her comments are always meaningful and helpful. The teachers consistently ask for her to return to the judge their students.” -Nancy Rude, Professor of piano studies emeritus, St. Mary’s University.

“Piano lessons with Pat are so much more. My daughter learned that no obstacle was beyond her ability, that practice was magic, and that because her teacher, mentor, and friend Pat believed in her, she could believe in herself. In addition along the way she became a musician.” -Teresa Damron

“Pat is able to listen to each student and individualize her approach to teaching. My daughter’s active imagination turned each piano piece into a story. Pat and my daughter would talk about the story arc represented in the music, and then Pat helped shape the story so that it reflected the music as it was written. My son did not relate to musical stories; however, he saw colors and moods. Pat was able to help him shape his music using these metaphors. She made the music fun and approachable. Many lessons involved more than just music – there were fantastic conversations and laughter. As one parent once so aptly said, “Pat has the sweet personality of a kindergarten teacher with the soul of a marine drill sergeant.” She has a clear vision of goals for a student at every stage and is able to find a way for the student to reach those goals. In the end, Pat’s students have a lifelong appreciation and deep understanding of music, technique, and theory. Plus they can play the piano.” – Bonny Tibbitt