Recital Program Template Instructions

It’s easy to create a nice looking program for the recital using Microsoft Word and our Recital Program Template. There are 2 ways to use the template:

  1. Download the template to use later. The file name is When you’re ready to start a new program, just double click the file or open it using File ‑> Open inside Word.
  2. Just click on the template link to start creating a program for your recital right now. Select Open with: Microsoft Word.

In either case, Word will let you edit the document however you’d like, but you cannot save your changes into the template. Word will prompt you for a new file name when you save. The template itself is preserved to use again.

Once the template is opened, you are simply editing a Word file, but a file with set styles and formatting. You’ll see placeholders like CompositionComposerPerformerTeacher and Event Name. Just highlight the placeholders (double click) and type the actual recital details. The styles and formatting will be retained. Remove any unneeded entries. Print the 2 pages of the document back-to-back, fold down the middle and voilá.

Finally, remember to thank our sponsors. If your event has been funded by any local organizations, please include a “Thank You” to them at the end of your printed program, below the “Participating Teachers” section.

If you have any questions about how to use the template, contact our Program Template Designer, Neil Patton.